~ Getting Closer! ~

Our excitement continues to grow as we near the final stages of completion!  Our biggest hurdle, the notorious hood vent, is up and will be functional by next week!  The remainder of our cooking equipment should be rolling in next week as well!

We continue to meet wonderful people along our journey.  Someone stops in every day to tell us how excited they are for us to open and boy do we share in their sentiments!  The Haw River community has been wonderful!  We want to say a special “thank you” to the Haw River Fire Department for being a great resourse and to Payne Oil Co. for being a tremendous help in a pinch!

We appreciate y’all being so patient and kind and we continue to be blessed by all your prayers and support.  We have lots of exciting things planned for y’all and are looking forward to celebrating our Grand Opening in the nicer spring weather. 

See you very soon!

Matt and Jen


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